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The Challenge

The client required DorSuites that would be suited to their project which was a new build primary school designed to instigate best practice and bring about the best learning experiences for the children in the area of Aberdeen. There was a particular desire to create open plan spaces to allow modern teaching methods, with some spaces however to be closed and acoustics to be maintained.

Brimmond Primary School, Aberdeen

Our Approach

We worked closely with the design team to develop some DorSuite designs incorporating some unique features which enabled the architects and client to deliver on their vision.

The Solution

A range of high quality DorSuites were specified including integral finger protection, acoustic solutions whilst at the same time maintaining fire integrity in line with the buildings fire strategy, door hardware in stainless steel from our robust Distinct range.  We also designed and delivered a bespoke solution which included some 2.1m wide swing doors which could be folded back, flush with the wall enabling the classes to be open plan spaces or closed to create a more intimate sound proof environment when required.

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